Introduction to $MAMOT:

Your Gateway to the CryptoStrikers Universe

Welcome to the realm of $MAMOT, the native token of the CryptoStrikers ecosystem. More than just a digital asset, $MAMOT is the key that unlocks a world of opportunities, governance, and rewards.

What Sets $MAMOT Apart?

Not Just Another Token

What distinguishes $MAMOT from the sea of DeFi tokens? It’s its unique functionality, its integral role in our ecosystem, and its commitment to long-term stakeholder value.

Token Utility

Maximizing Potential Across DeFi Landscapes

Explore the seven facets of $MAMOT utility that make it more than just a transactional tool: it’s an instrument for empowerment, governance, and community building.

In-depth Exploration of the Seven Facets of $MAMOT Utility

Beyond Transactions: $MAMOT’s Multifaceted Utility

Governance and Decision-Making

Shape the project’s future by casting your votes on key ecosystem decisions. Your $MAMOT tokens are your voice.

Sacrifice ReSacrifice for Voting Power and Revenue Sharewards

Go beyond mere ownership. Sacrifice your $MAMOT tokens to burn them and in return, gain not only voting power but also a revenue share in upcoming projects. This is the cornerstone of $MAMOT’s utility, making each token a key to future profits and influence.

Access to Exclusive Offerings

Be part of the inner circle with your $MAMOT tokens. Gain exclusive access to mint unique NFTs and partake in future projects.

Anti-Dump and Price Stability Mechanisms

Trade with confidence. $MAMOT employs mechanisms designed to protect its market value and provide a stable investment environment.

Enhanced Community Engagement

Earn rewards for your active participation and engagement within the community.

Economic Stimulus Through Sacrifice

When you sacrifice your $MAMOT tokens, you’re not just burning them; you’re actively creating an economic stimulus by reducing the available supply, which can lead to increased demand and value. Plus, you earn future revenue share and more influence within the ecosystem.

Integration with Crypto-Strikers Dapp

Smooth, frictionless, seamless. Your $MAMOT tokens enable easy transactions and enhanced interactions within the Crypto-Strikers Dapp.

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The Science Behind $MAMOT’s Circulation

Unlock the intricacies of how $MAMOT is designed to work. From distribution to allocation, and even management, our tokenomics are built for a sustainable and prosperous ecosystem.

Key Elements

Total Supply Dynamics

With a finite total supply of 55,000,000 MAMOT tokens, we ensure scarcity that fuels demand.

Token Allocation

Understanding where each token is purposed gives insights into the project’s roadmap.

Development: 35%
Marketing: 25%
Operations: 15%
Exchange Listings: 15%
Cash Reserve: 5%
Legal: 5%

Use of Proceeds

See how we plan to allocate revenue for sustained and structured growth.

Development: 35%
Marketing: 25%
Operations: 15%
Exchange Listings: 15%
Cash Reserve: 5%
Legal: 5%

Tax Mechanisms

Designed to ensure genuine stakeholder engagement and platform longevity.

Buy Tax: 5%
Sell Tax: 8%

Anti-Dump and Anti Red Wall Mechanisms

We’ve implemented security measures to prevent drastic price collapses and small-scale transaction manipulations, contributing to stable and gradual growth.

Reward Reinvestment

Tokens from the treasury pool often recirculate in the ecosystem, either through reinvestment or increased platform activity, acting as an economic stimulus.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

An outline of how $MAMOT’s integration into wider DeFi projects not only boosts its own economy but contributes to the broader market.

Dive Deeper into $MAMOT Tokenomics

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The Strategy Behind $MAMOT’s Fundraising Dynamics

Unlock the blueprint for our fundraising strategy. Learn how to become a part of the journey in the FairLaunch on Pinksale and leverage exclusive bonuses designed for our early believers.

Key Elements

FairLaunch on Pinksale

Our FairLaunch on Pinksale offers an equitable opportunity for the wider community to participate and benefit from the project’s potential.

Allocation: 20% or 11,000,000 MAMOT tokens are available for the FairLaunch.
Date and Time: TBA

Private Sale

Our Private Sale is designed for committed early investors.

Bonus: A generous 35% bonus on token purchases.
Allocation: 20% of the total supply has been set aside for the private sale.

Bonus Structure

Incentives make the community stronger. We offer additional tokens to our initial investors as a token of our appreciation.

Private Sale Bonus: 35%
FairLaunch Bonus: 10%

How to Participate

Step-by-step guide on how to get involved in the FairLaunch on Pinksale.

Use of Proceeds

Understanding how the funds will be used can give investors insight into our project roadmap.

Development: 35%
Marketing: 25%
Operations: 15%
Exchange Listings: 15%
Cash Reserve: 5%
Legal: 5%


Join the Revolution in Decentralized Finance

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