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CryptoStrikers: Breathing New Life into Burned Tokens

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Join a revolution where burned tokens find a second life, empowering a community united by mutual sacrifice and the shared vision of a decentralized future.

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Buy / Sell Tax & Transaction Fees

  • Buy Tax: 5% (1% auto-sacrifice, 2% shareholders, 2% Development & Marketing)
  • Sell Tax: 8% (4% shareholders, 4% Development & Marketing)
  • Transaction Tax: 20% (On sending from wallet to wallet)
    (Interacting with project wallets is excluded from fees)
    (20% shareholders)

Anti-Dump System Deactivated:
The Anti-Dump system has been officially disabled.
We remain committed to fostering a stable and thriving ecosystem and believe this step will help us create a more inclusive and trustworthy environment for all our members.


Contract Adress:


List of Partners and Promotors

The Partners & Promotors That Make Us Stronger

Below is a list of our remarkable partners, along with brief information about each:

The Long-Term Partners

Kyano Digital B.V.

Leading the way in blockchain security, Kyano Digital B.V. is our go-to partner for developing a robust and secure environment for our community.

Seen on

Rudolf aka Cryptostr1k3r


With over a decade in the tech industry and a passion for blockchain, Rudolf aims to make CryptoStrikers a household name in DeFi.

Message from the founder

For years, I’ve observed how crypto investors proudly label themselves as ‘whales,’ pretending to be like brothers, only to turn around and dump their holdings onto each other when they sense profit. This behavior has inspired me to develop a project with well-considered Tokenomics, eliminating the possibility of such dumps. The era of inter-community dumping is over! My goal is to unite genuine individuals in a community, where we stand strong together. In my entire time involved in crypto, I’ve only dumped once, and it’s a decision I deeply regret. I find it hard to fathom how people can look at themselves in the mirror after betraying those they once called brothers.

Rather than calling significant investors ‘whales,’ let’s recognize them as ‘Mammoths’ for their true size and impact. The project I’m working on is a government system that allows members to participate in voting and influence through a combination of tokens and NFTs, driven by a meaningful sacrifice system.

Sacrifice holds great significance for me; throughout my life, I’ve made sacrifices for my family, friends, and personal goals, especially for my kids and mother. Some of these choices I regret, while others make me proud. One of my favorite quotes reflects my belief that a man who selflessly devotes himself to his mother deserves to be rewarded with everything that earth has to offer.

I’m curious about you—do you value sacrifice and stand ready to make meaningful contributions for something you believe in?”

With over a decade in the tech industry and a passion for blockchain, Rudolf aims to make CryptoStrikers a household name in DeFi.

this is

Our Core Team

Below is a list of our remarkable partners, along with brief information about each:


CTO / kyano Digital

With over a decade in the tech industry and a passion for blockchain, Stan aims to make CryptoStrikers a household name in DeFi.


Blockchain Advisor

Thanos, a Certik Ambassador with a background in business and experience in web3 projects, specializes in achieving ICO hardcaps, aiding our goal attainment.


Community manager

Donmer, experienced in crypto for three years, is adept in moderation and conflict resolution, ready to contribute to and manage innovative communities like Cryptostrikers.

Adam L.


Adam offers extensive B2C/B2B marketing experience from 7 years at companies like Samsung Electronics and is a top-listed Marketing Incubator on Pinksale.

CryptoStrikers Ecosystem

The Core Architecture

Unlock the intricacies of our decentralized world. From the governance protocols and the Sacrifice System to the NFT minting and Revenue Claiming Dapp, explore how each element within the CryptoStrikers ecosystem synergizes to build a revolutionary DeFi environment.

Token Allocations

Understanding where each token is purposed gives insights into the project's roadmap.

Total Supply: 55,000,000
Private Sale:
Pre Sale: 5.77%
Fair Launch (Pinksale): 12%
Liquidity: 8.84% (forever locked)
DEX Listings: 10% (locked)
Founder Allocations: 20% (100% burned via sacrifice)
Sacrificed bonuses: 5,53% (Burned)
Reward Treasury:
32.4% (Rewards will never be rewarded as tokens, only as sacrifice point/power)

What Sets $MAMOT Apart?

Not Just Another Token

What distinguishes $MAMOT from the sea of DeFi tokens? It's its unique functionality, its integral role in our ecosystem, and its commitment to long-term stakeholder value.

Token Utility

Maximizing Potential Across DeFi Landscapes

Explore the seven facets of $MAMOT utility that make it more than just a transactional tool: it's an instrument for empowerment, governance, and community building.

Eco System’s Key Components

$MAMOT Token

The pulse of our ecosystem. Utilized for governance, NFT minting, and much more.

Connects to: Governance, Sacrifice System, Revenue Claiming Dapp, NFT Minting

Governance and Decision-Making

Empower yourself. Shape the future with your voting power acquired through $MAMOT tokens.

Connects to: $MAMOT Token, Sacrifice System, Future Projects

Sacrifice System

An innovative mechanism allowing users to sacrifice tokens to gain ecosystem power and direct profit sharing.

Connects to: $MAMOT Token, Revenue Claiming Dapp, Governance

Revenue Claiming Dapp

A seamless interface for claiming your share of the project’s revenue.

Connects to: Sacrifice System, $MAMOT Token


NFT Minting

Exclusive realms for those who’ve committed tokens, offering unique value and exclusive assets.

Connects to: $MAMOT Token, Future Projects

Future Projects

Stay ahead with information on groundbreaking projects released under the CryptoStrikers banner every six weeks.

Connects to: Governance, NFT Minting

Proof of sacrifice Ecosystem

Getting Started: Introduction & Token Sacrifice

1. Introduction to CryptoStrikers

What it is:

CryptoStrikers is a revolutionary DeFi universe designed to breathe life back into burned tokens through innovative solutions and community empowerment without touching the chart.


Your Role:

As a participant, you’re not just an investor; you’re a co-creator of a new financial cosmos, helping to shape the future of decentralized finance.

2. Sacrificing Tokens:

How it Works:

Sacrifice your $MAMOT through our dedicated dApp to earn revenue/profit shares and voting rights in the ecosystem. For each $MAMOT sacrificed, receive one revenue power and one voting power.


Why it Matters:

By sacrificing, you’re solidifying your stake and influence in the CryptoStrikers universe, helping to make key decisions and steer the project’s trajectory.

CryptoStrikers Ecosystem

Understanding $MAMOT: Utility, Value & Dapps Engagement

3. $MAMOT Utility & Value:

More Than a Token:

$MAMOT acts as the backbone of our ecosystem, offering governance, rewards, and exclusive access to future projects and NFT collections.


Scarcity & Demand:

With a capped supply and diversified demand, $MAMOT’s value is designed to grow as the ecosystem evolves and expands.

4. Engaging with Dapps:

Sacrifice Dapp:

Elevate your influence within the ecosystem, converting your $MAMOT tokens into governance capabilities and ecosystem power.


Revenue Claiming Dapp:

Democratize the rewards by claiming your share of revenue generated within the CryptoStrikers universe.

CryptoStrikers Ecosystem

Exploring the Future: NFTs, Projects, and Collaborations

5. NFTs & Future Projects:

Exclusive Collections:

Mint and trade exclusive NFTs, with a portion of the fees contributing to the revenue pool. Upon introduction, Voting & Revenue Power are allocated to the NFTs.


Innovative Launches:

Participate in the launch of innovative projects every eight to twelve weeks, further contributing to revenue through token sales, partnerships, and integrations.

6. Partnerships & Collaborations:

Strategic Alliances:

Forge strategic partnerships with other platforms and services, diversifying our revenue sources through integration fees or shared profits.


Cross-Platform Integration:

Engage with future projects generating fees when CryptoStrikers tokens are utilized or exchanged across platforms.

CryptoStrikers Ecosystem

Shaping the Ecosystem: Governance, Empowerment & Innovation

7. Governance & Community Empowerment:

DAO Activation:

Exercise your voting rights to make key decisions and shape the future of CryptoStrikers.


Project Handover:

Witness the transition of project control from the founder to the shareholders who have sacrificed $MAMOT, solidifying community ownership.

8. Surprises & Continuous Innovation:

Big Reveals:

Stay tuned for massive surprises, including groundbreaking features and developments, as we continuously check with governments and regulatory bodies.


Adaptation & Evolution:

Be part of a constantly evolving ecosystem, adapting to market changes and user needs, ensuring the long-term sustainability and success of CryptoStrikers.

In-depth Exploration of the Seven Facets of $MAMOT Utility

Beyond Transactions: $MAMOT’s Multifaceted Utility


1. Governance and Decision-Making

Holders of $MAMOT tokens are given a significant role in shaping the future of the project. Your tokens act as your voice, enabling you to vote on vital decisions that will influence the ecosystem’s direction.


2. Economic Boost Through Sacrifice

When you sacrifice your $MAMOT tokens, you’re not just burning them; you’re actively creating an economic stimulus by reducing the available supply, which can lead to increased demand and value. Plus, you earn future revenue share and more influence within the ecosystem.


3. Sacrifice ReSacrifice for Voting Power and Revenue Sharewards

Go beyond mere ownership. Sacrifice your $MAMOT tokens to burn them and in return, gain not only voting power but also a revenue share in upcoming projects. This is the cornerstone of $MAMOT’s utility, making each token a key to future profits and influence.


4. Enhanced Community Engagement

Earn rewards for your active participation and engagement within the community.


5. Integration with Crypto-Strikers Dapp

Smooth, frictionless, seamless. Your $MAMOT tokens enable easy transactions and enhanced interactions within the Crypto-Strikers Dapp.

Reward Reinvestment

Tokens from the treasury pool often recirculate in the ecosystem, either through reinvestment or increased platform activity, acting as an economic stimulus.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

An outline of how $MAMOT’s integration into wider DeFi projects not only boosts its own economy but contributes to the broader market.

Dive Deeper into $MAMOT Tokenomics

Want a more thorough explanation?

Key Elements of $MAMOT’s Fundraising

FairLaunch on GemPad - Filled 27,02 ETH

Our FairLaunch on Gempad offered an equitable opportunity for the wider community. We successfully raised 27,018 ETH with a Soft Cap of 10 ETH.

Bonus:A generous 20% sacrificed burned bonus on 5 ETH token purchases.

Allocation: 12% or 6,600,000 MAMOT tokens are available for the FairLaunch.

Private Pre Sale - Filled 12,98 ETH

Our Private Sale is tailored for dedicated early-stage investors. We successfully met our hardcap at 13 ETH.

Bonus: A generous 20% sacrificed burned bonus on token purchases.

Allocation: 10.4% of the total supply has been set aside for the private pre sale including burned bonus.
(Calculation based on FL soft cap and to be made final after FairLaunch)

Private Sale - Filled 24,77 ETH

Our Private Sale is structured for dedicated early-stage backers. We not only surpassed our soft cap at 15 ETH but also raised a total of 24.77 ETH.

Bonus: A generous 35% sacrificed bonus on token purchases.

Allocation: 22.31% of the total supply has been set aside for the private sale.
(Calculation based on FL soft cap and to be made final after FairLaunch)


Phase 1

Website v1

Launch of our initial digital presence to provide basic information and updates.

Whitepaper v1

The first draft, introducing the project’s vision, goals, and strategy.

Organic Marketing

Leveraging the network of the founders for initial awareness without financial expenditure.

Private Sale

Successfully raised 24,7772 ETH with a tempting 35% bonus to be sacrificed, highlighting early trust and community backing.

Marketing Round 1

Kickstarting our promotional activities, carefully plotted and executed as per the timeline schedule.


Phase 2


Ensuring regulatory compliance and trust.

Website v2

A more comprehensive version with additional features and information.

Whitepaper v2

Refined details and more comprehensive insights into our project.

Contract deployment

Establishing the technical foundation of $MAMOT.

Sacrifice dApp deployment

Introducing our unique sacrificial system for benefits.

CertiK Audit

Validating our code’s security and trustworthiness.

Mini Marketing round 2

Further promotional activities to generate buzz.

Private Presale (Filled)

Our Private Sale is tailored for dedicated early-stage investors. We successfully hit our hardcap at 13 ETH.


Phase 3

Press Release

Collaborations with platforms like Cointelegraph for press releases.

Marketing round 3

Massive promotional blitz, naming all partners and strategies.

Marketing round 3

Massive promotional blitz, naming all partners and strategies.

GemPad Fair Launch

Opening up for the wider community to be part of our project.


Phase 4

Official Launch

The pulse of our ecosystem. Utilized for governance, NFT minting, and much more.

Visibility & Listings

Gaining visibility on platforms like CMC & CG and listing on (TBA.) DEX’s.

Marketing round 4

Continuation of our promotional campaigns.

Protective Measures

Activating our anti-dump system and renouncing associated functions for security.

Following future projects of the ecosystem from crypto strikers:

Explore the future in the upcoming phases or:


Phase 5

A new way of ENS

XXX Service

The pulse of our ecosystem. Utilized for governance, NFT minting, and much more.

A new way to fairlaunch

Fair XXX

Comparable with Fair-Launch but totally different at the same time, Making it scammer developers very hard (even impossible) to rug the community.


Phase 6

Bringing your burned tokens back alive

Bringing your burned tokens back alive

Venturing into the world of digital collectibles.

Proof of Sacrifice

Comparable with Fair-Launch but totally different at the same time, Making it scammer developers very hard (even impossible) to rug the community.


Phase 7

A very unique Swap

Re-imagining how tokens can be exchanged in the ecosystem.

dApp Contract deployer

Empowering developers to launch their projects seamlessly.

Proof of payment

A novel system for project owners and DAOs, facilitated through a dedicated dApp.

A own Marketing Channel

Establishing the technical foundation of $MAMOT.

Anti scammer Launchpad

Building trust and security in the DeFi space.

Decentralized exchange

Trading with trust, security, and decentralization at its core.

Black Hole

A security measure designed to restore anonymity where needed.

Community Involvement:

Activation of DAO/voting rights, emphasizing community control.

Teasing a major announcement, awaiting regulatory checks and collaborations with governments.

Thankyou for exploring our roadmap

Upcoming Projects

Innovating Every 12 Weeks

We're never content with the status quo. That's why we're constantly innovating, exploring new frontiers and expanding our ecosystem. Here's a sneak peek at what's on the horizon.

Project X - To be announced

Revolutionizing the way you think about DeFi investments. A transformative project that will change the DeFi landscape forever.

Coming in: 10 days

Project Y - To be announced

The next big thing in NFT collections. Get ready to witness NFTs like you've never seen before.

Coming in: 40 days

Project Z - To be announced

A new take on governance tokens, redefining community involvement and pushing it to new heights.

Coming in: 60 days